Reading the Charts

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019 (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm)

Leader: Sir Daniel Sutton

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The Weather According to Lake Mendota;


There are many local weather phenomena unique to Lake Mendota.  This class will concentrate on local weather patterns that are often created by the local topography that surrounds the lake. If you have ever wondered why puffs of wind come down from an almost cloudless sky and hit the surface of the lake, or if you have ever wondered where on the lake the winds are best on any given day, this is a must-attend seminar.


Expanding from the local view, attendees shall get a grounding in how to interpret various weather charts, a skill that every serious sailor should know.    The best sources for weather reports and charts will also be covered in detail so that anyone who attends can learn to start looking farther out than today in order to have an idea of what weather they shall face for their sail.     

Weather forecasting is both a science and an art.  Weather forecasting is also about weather patterns that repeat again and again.  This seminar presents both, with valuable sources and knowledge that add to the knowledge-base of any sailor.  

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