Winter Kiting Classroom

Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

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Leader: Lucas Morton

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Location: Check TITU 

Prerequisite: None

       This intro class will cover the basics of kiting and serve as an introduction to the sport.  Through the viewing of a snowkiting DVD and/or YouTube videos, important concepts and theories will be explained.  A trainer kite will also be available, so that aspects of rigging can be taught prior to taking the outdoor classes.  A brief talk on ice safety will also be given.  Those students who have already progressed to outdoor classes but have yet to see the video are also welcome.  This class must be taken prior to earning the "B" or harness rating. 

For information on the Kiting fleet we recommend reading the Winter Kiting Manual.

Kiteboarding Safety precaution instruction video

This video uses a water kiteboarding example, but the story is still extremely pertinent & the safety precautions are universal between sports. 

Ozone Access, Frenzy, & Summit De-power Foil Kites

Heavy Air Instructional Video

Survival in the Ice (what to do when you go through)


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