Friday Night Social *Volunteer Hours*

Friday, Jul 19, 2019 (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm)

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Sonya Miran
Daniel Burkhardt

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The Hoofer Sailing Club Social Chair, is looking for volunteers to assistance with tasks during the Friday Night Socials.

3 Volunteer Hours!!

Duties will include:

  • Bring out Condiments, Plates, Napkins, Silverware
  • Fill and Bring out Water Cooler Jug
  • Work with Catering to set up Social Banquet Tables
  • Contacting catering during the event, to refil ingrediants and swap out hot trays. 
  • Clean up canopy area after the social is over at 9:00
  • Monitor the attendee list of Friday Night Social participants
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