Intro to Keelboat Sailing

Saturday, Jun 15, 2019 (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Michael Crowns
JoAnn Long
Charles Kenyon

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This class will meet in the Mendota Lounge across from Outdoor UW or the Chartroom.
The Intro to Keelboat Sailing lesson is intended to provide a beginner-friendly path to our  keelboats including the J-fleet.  This intensive all-in-one-day lesson will cover the basics of sailing on a keelboat with 2-3 crew members and will allow you to begin taking lessons on our keelboat fleets. 

Please note: it will take quite a while to earn a rating with which you could check out a keelboat yourself if you come through this track.  It is advised for members who wish to get out sailing sooner to take alternate route and start on Techs=Zests/Badger Sloops or take both routes concurrently.  This will allow you to practice sailing on your own and refine your skills before jumping up to a larger boat such as a T-10 or Knotty Rascal.  It will smooth the learning curve and allow you more time to sail on your own and take your friends out on either a Tech or a Sloop and will not increase the total time to earn a keelboat rating. 

It is recommended that you at least review the following knots on the Animated Knots website:

·        bowline

·        round turn and two half-hitches

·        figure-8 knot (stopper)

·        cleating (clove hitch on a cleat)

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Lesson / Training


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