Windsurfing A

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Thursday, Aug 15, 2019 (12:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

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Leader: Noah Nicol

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Prerequisite: Ground School and s desire to begin learning one of the most fun things you might ever do in your life!

Earned from this class: Basic windsurfing knowledge and, ideally with decent weather, a Windsurfing Practice rating.


Class Overview: This is where we all began. A general introduction to windsurfing consisting of two, three hour classes. Sailing experience is not necessary, but will help. Topics covered include safety, stewardship of equipment, wind theory, brief terminology, simulator work, rigging, and on-the-water skill development.


In this class, students learn all the basics of understanding the wind, rigging sails and taking care of equipment, uphauling the sail, maneuvering the windsurfer in neutral position, sailing in a straight line, steering the board, getting upwind, and tacking. Students will be on the water both days provided the weather is good, using beginning windsurfing boards.

Preparing for Your Lesson:

· Be prepared to get wet! Bring suitable clothing (shorts and shirt to get wet, a windbreaker/sweatshirt on windier or cooler days).

· Meet under the Yellow Canopy at the Hoofer Lakefront unless otherwise instructed.

· The first day of a Windsurfing A class is always held regardless of weather conditions. · Before the lesson, please review the first six windsurfing instruction videos (which are about 15 minutes total), and look at the Windsurfing Manual (especially page 14-Uphauling Your Sail). You can view a video tutorial on rigging and uphauling by clicking on the link. For more information on Windsurfing, please see the Windsurfing Home Page.

Welcome to your windsurfing lesson.

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