Marlinespike Seamanship Knots and Lines Mastery

Sunday, Feb 23, 2020 (2:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

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Leader: Charles Kenyon
Required ratings:
Marlinspike A

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Event Information: This refresher is for those who have taken Marlinespike A In this session, members will build on the skills practiced in the previous lesson by learning variations on basic knots such as Scott's Locked Bowline, the one-handed Bowline and practice on the Carrick Bend, Ashley's Stopper Knot, and others. Please note anything you want to work on when you sign up so that it can be addressed. This will be less structured than other Marlinespike classes to allow focusing on member interests.

Location: Check the Today in the Union website or the digital signs in Memorial Union on the day of the lesson. Note that the event start time may appear earlier on the TITU listing but will begin at the time shown here. If the event does not appear on the TITU listing, please go to the Outdoor UW Office and speak with the staff to determine the event location.

Prerequisites: Marlinespike A Rating (earned from completing a Marlinespike A Lesson)

Students who complete this lesson will not receive any additional rating..

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