Badger Sloop A - On Land Only

Sunday, Sep 15, 2019 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)

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Leader: Charles Kenyon

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This lesson will meet in the Langdon Room on the 4th Floor.. Check Today in the Union on the day of the lesson. Note that this may be listed there for an earlier time but will start at the time shown here.

-Introductory Sloop Lesson

This lesson is for first time Sloop sailors. If you have never taken a Badger Sloop lesson, Badger Sloop A covers the fundamentals of the fleet. From here, students should continue on to Badger Sloop B lessons.

Covers intro to Sloop theory, rigging/derigging/stowing, required equipment, Sloop policies (6 person max capacity, 3 hour daysailing limit), cart system, knots, tacking/jibing on a sloop, crew communication, intro to MOB/Landing, what to do in event of capsize, review right of way rules

Review the Badger Sloop Manual  prior to this lesson.

The following series of videos (about 10 min. each) will be a good preview of the information about sailing and sailing terms
- Sailing Lessons - The Basics (part 1)
- Sailing Lessons - The Basics (part 2)
- Sailing Lessons - The Basics (part 3)
- Sailing Lessons - The Basics (part 4)

Here is a supplemental video showing these ideas in action. Look at the ones above first!
Your First Sail – What to do on your first day afloat in light winds and fair weather

For more on how sailing and sails work, here are some videos:
- Physics of Sailing
- How Do Sailboats Sail Faster Than the Wind 
- Exploratorium: Science at the America’s Cup
- Vector Analysis of How Sailboats Sail Into the Wind 
- How Boats Sail Into Wind (faster than the wind itself)

The basics will be covered in the first 3 hours. Those wishing to stay longer will get more training and may get some requirements checked off.

Materials that will be used in the lesson can be download fromm this link. They will be available in lesson.

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Lesson / Training


There are 3 people in this event, with 2 spots remaining.