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This event was cancelled on Fri 09/23/2022, by Neil Morton for the following reason: No sigh ups

Windsurfing Jibe & Fast Tack

Saturday, Sep 24, 2022 (1:30 pm - 4:30 pm)

Leader: Neil Morton
Required ratings:
Windsurfing Light

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Earned from class: New maneuvers/techniques/abilities

The next step after earning a WINDSURFING LIGHT rating. This class should be taken by EVERY club member with a WINDSURFING LIGHT rating. Students will progress on to more advanced and important maneuvers, as well as more advanced technique in general. This class serves not only as light wind instruction, but also as preparation for high wind sailing. Students will learn how to always have a full sail when on the water, use the mast-foot as a significant source of pressure, and control sail and board through foot steering and body placement. Also taught are fast tacks (tacks for windy/wavy conditions that bypass neutral position completely) and basic lightwind jibes. Students will sail on Hi-Fly Mambos or BIC Melodies.

This lesson meets by the Boathouse.

For more information on the Windsurfing lesson track, please see the Windsurfing Home Page.

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