Welcome to the Hoofer Sailing Club


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  • Ground Schools are open to anyone, and are held at various times from early spring to late fall. You do not have to be a member of the club to attend. Click here to sign up for a Ground School. The Ground School lesson is your general orientation into the club. If you are not yet a member, you will have the chance to sign up right afterwards.
  • If you signed up online, you should have set your username and password as part of the process. If you signed up in the office, once your membership has been processed (1-3 days after you sign up), you should receive an email with your login information. If you have signed up and it has been more than 2 days, try resetting your password as you might have missed the email. Failing that, contact the Outdoor UW Office for assistance.
  • Once you have your login information, sign in above (where it says "Login In") and click View Events Calendar to sign up for events.



Lessons for the following week will become available at 9 pm every Thursday.


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